DevOps/AWS/Java/Migrations – 100% Remote

Posted 1 month ago

Role : DevOps/AWS/Java/Migrations
Location – 100% Remote
Duration 1 year+
H1,EAD,GC,USC,TN Accepted

We need two senior (10+ Years) DevOps engineers with deep technical knowledge of AWS and deploying/Migrating Java applications to AWS/Cloud out of physical Data centers. Candidates must be excellent communicators. ****CANDIDATES MUST BE STRONG IN AWS AND MIGRATING JAVA APPLICATIONS TO THE CLOUD. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME DEVOPS ENGINEERS IF THEY DON’T MEET THESE REQUIREMENTS. PLEASE SEND CANDIDATES EVEN IF THEY ARE OVER THE TARGET RATE. I WANT TO SEE ALL QUALIFIED CANDIDATES.

No 8-year candidates. The client wants 10+ years of experience.

Number of years working with:
Total IT experience:
Years working with: DevOps
Years working with: AWS
Years working with: Java
Years of Working with : Migration


DevOps – contract
This is a pure DevOps temp role, though majority of the apps we are migrating to AWS EKS are java. Java experience is preferred but not required.

Expertise in Maven, Jenkins/Cloudbees pipelines (Groovy language), Kubernetes, AWS (in particular EKS), Helm Charts is a requirement.

AWS migration experience as we are moving out of existing DC into AWS. We have a few middle office applications that require some engineering work to get migrated and so we need someone to own this from an engineering standpoint. It is a six-month (with possible small extension) project for a consultant.

Current Gap:
– Engineers to Application Ratio is 1:2 (15+ applications) and the team is overloaded with planned business delivery
– DevOps CICD capability is championed by but there are 15+ applications to migrate, there are support from team but the engineering work needs to be done and it is a key person dependency risk.
– Knowledge gap with AWS which require upskilling for the engineers yet delivering time-critical US DC migration project

Scope of work:
– Migration to adopt CICD pipeline for AWS, covering 5+ applications (Chappy, JETS, iRisk, iBonus, MISR, User Manager, TRACE)
– Provide extra capacity to modernise/address technical debt as part of the US DC Migration for key applications (Chappy/JETS)
As a Principal DevOps Architect, you will be expected to:
• Own the quality of DevOps architecture and design.
• Contribute intellectual property through patent generation.
• Functionally decompose complex problems into simple, straight-forward solutions.
• Fully and completely understand system inter-dependencies and limitations.
• Assist in the career development of others, actively mentoring individuals and the Amazon developer community on advanced technical issues and helping managers guide the career growth of their team members.
• Exert technical influence over multiple teams, increasing their productivity and effectiveness by sharing your deep knowledge and experience.
• Lead technical and design discussions with Executives to help enterprises speed their adoption of new technologies and practices.
• Serve as a thought leader and SME for DevOps industry trends, new and existing technology offerings, and architectural concepts, such as containerization, microservices, etc.
• Advise on implementing AWS best practices and provide architectural governance.


Mudita Mishra

Marvel Infotech Inc.

Phone :- +1 7327225552