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Job Type: Contract/Full Time
Job Title: Node.js API Tech Specialist (Backend side)
Job Location: Tampa, FL …. (1 month remote & after onsite)
Interview: Video

Note: Academy pass out will work min. 6 months exp.

Key Responsibilities:
•       Nodejs API Tech Specialist with good experience and relevant experience on NodeJS API Nodejs server side framework to implement a robust and scalable Restful API services
•       Directly interact with customer Product Owner to understand the requirement, come up with the high level design and convert the understanding with technical stories in JIRA Experience & Technical Skills

•       Experience in cross platform development with strong knowledge on Node.js
•       Experience on implementing NFRs but not limited to Performance, Scalability, Availability, Maintainability and Security
•       Good understanding on CICD process
•       Knowledge of Micro services and respective architecture design principles and scalability best practices.
•       Experience to work in a Global delivery environment
•       Experience implementing Cloud and or Hybrid Cloud solutions
•       Experience developing APIs against database technologies (MySQL, Postgres)
•       Proven experience working with Agile methodologies for delivering software
•       Experience with open source work management tools JIRA, Jenkins, and GitHub
•       Strong background in Logic and Algorithms
•       Perform analysis, design, programming, and implementation on systems and procedures to solve complex business problems
•       Createre view technical design documentation
•       Perform periodic code reviews according to programming and development standards and best practice
•       Provide guidance, mentor junior level programmers analysts, Lead and plan
•       Client Support and Consulting Proactive, timely and professional client focused communications

Diksha Yadav
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