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Posted 6 months ago

Minnesota for this role – K106 – Infrastructure – Security

RATE $60 on c2c





Windows Server Administration This team is small and as such fills multiple job functions. We can fill this and the role above with 1 or 2 individuals with extensive skill sets but feel that it would be hard to find one resource with all of the required skills at the level required.
Windows Active Directory
Patch Management (Windows/Linux) As the integration proceeds there is new, steady-state work that has been allocated to the team (ex. vulnerability scanning remediation within EFX SLAs). In addition, the EFX ACA new client sales target is significant and impacts this team. There has also been additional work being added to our team in terms of securitization (CSA activities) and other integration activity that is scheduled to occur over the next 18 months. While we recognize that our existing work will eventually transition to other teams at EFX (or go away altogether – integration tasks/Next Gen), until that point we will require additional resources.
Network (IPv4, subnetting, static routing)
Active Directory Administration
Watchguard Firewall Management
Azure AD
Some familiarity:

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