Spark/ Scala Data Engineer for REMOTE position – 12+ Months – Austin, TX

Posted 1 month ago

Role : Spark/ Scala Data Engineer for remote position

Note- Candidate must work based on PST hours- Max Rate $62 and need i94

Spark/Scala Data Engineer: –


  • Ability to work independently work on end-to-end development track with engineering mindset and product ownership attitude
  • Requirement analysis and coding in accordance with coding standards
  • Requirement and design playback with business
  • Design pipeline end to end to meet customer requirement
  • Coding in Scala using existing frameworks to meet business requirements
  • Work in agile methodology involving daily standups, frequent sync up with peers.
  • Delivering high quality code along with reviewing and mentoring peer’s code.

Skills: –

Must Have: –

SCALA, SPARK, SQL, HADOOP, AWS, HIVE, Spark SQL, HIVE QL, CICD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery), VCS (GIT HUB)

Coding in Scala (60% of time)

Designing in of HADOOP ecosystem (20% of time)

Hands-on experience on AWS tools like EMR, EC2 (10% of time)

Hands-on experience of SQL in Big Data: SQL, Spark SQL, Hive QL (60% of time)

Proficient in working with large data sets and pipelines (20% of time)

Proficient with workflow scheduling / orchestration tools (20% of time)

Well versed with CICD process and VCS (20% of time)

In Scala, below hands-on experience is essential

    • Functional Programming and Object-Oriented Programming
    • Currying and Partially Applied Functions
    • Higher Order Functions
    • Tail Recursion
    • Futures
    • Case class
    • Pureconfig
    • Implicit Functions
    • Practical knowledge of all containers like list, map, array etc.
    • Implementation of foreach loop etc. for sorting instead of using direct functions

Nice to have: –

PYTHON, JAVA, ICEBERG , KAFKA, Amazon EKS,Kubernetes, Amazon S3,Airflow ,Oozie,POSTGRES

  • Experience in PYTHON and JAVA Coding.
  • Experience in using KAFKA to setup workflows.
  • Experience with ICEBERG tables.
  • Experience with workflow scheduling / orchestration such as Airflow.
  • Experience with schema design and data modeling.
  • Machine learning experience is good to have.

Experience using Cassandra database (NOSQL) is good to have

Akhil Garlapally

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Experis CORE+

100 Manpower Place Milwaukee, WI 53212