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Posted 11 months ago

Role:                Merchant Underwriting

Experience:     3-5 years

Location:        Remote

Job Description:

·         Alert Triage

·         The Risk team monitors accounts that may pose elevated operational risks. Each of the accounts flagged by the monitoring programs is then raised as an alert for manual review.

·         The analyst reviews the accounts for a series of Credit risks and makes a determination on whether the account exceeds risk tolerance or is normal account behavior.

·         Global Investigations

·         Credit risk is a risk type application assumes for well-intentioned merchants who either have risk-prone business models, core operational issues, or are the targets of fraud.

·         The agent reviews the account and charge activity in order to make a determination whether the user is a bad actor. They prevent card testers from receiving network authorizations to determine whether cards are valid.

·         Underwriting

·         Credit underwriting is a process by which extensive diligence and through analysis of the user is completed by specialized underwriting analysis to estimate the potential loss application might incur based on exposure and probability of default. This includes evaluating a merchants business model risks, financial stability and process behavior.

Alex Pati